What to Expect

We would love to have you visit Central. Here are a few details to help you know what to expect during the worship service.

  • How long will I be there?
  • Worship service lasts about 70 minutes.
  • Sunday school classes for all ages are held after worship and last about 40 minutes.
  • What about my children?
  • A nursery is available for children birth - age 3. Live video stream is available in the nursery. It will not be staffed at this time.
  • Children's Church will resume August 2. Normally, children's church is available for children age 4 - grade 5. Kids start out in the sanctuary with the adults for songs and then are dismissed to the activity center before the sermon (look for the Children's Church slide). They remain in the activity center until the end of the worship service, when parents can pick them up. Kids will hear a lesson, as well as do activities and sing songs related to the lesson.
  • What is service like?
  • Worship songs are mainly contemporary songs, with a few traditional hymns. Feel free to sit or stand as you feel comfortable.
  • We participate in open communion every week. All believers are welcome to partake of the bread and juice as they are passed.
  • We offer a time of offering every week, so members of the church are able to give back to the Lord what He has blessed them with. Visitors should not feel obliged to give. We do encourage you to put a completed information card in the tray as it is passed, so we can be in contact with you.
  • What should I wear?
  • Clothes. Really, you will see some people dressed up in a shirt and tie, and you will see others in a t-shirt and jeans. Dress comfortably and don't worry about outward appearances, for the Lord looks at your heart.